Day 1 - Departure

Day 2 - Arrival in Kathmandu.

Day 3 - Visit Bouddhanath and transfer to Dhulikhel.
We spend the morning around the biggest stupa of Nepal where a lot of buddhist people along with the monks walk around the stupa every morning and every evening. We stay there till lunch and then transfer to Dhulikhel from where we can witness beautiful sunset and sunrise on the Himalayan range.
Photography activities : Bouddha: People walking around the stupa and monasteries….
Dhulikhel :Lifestyle, landscapes. Sunset and sunrise on the Himalayan range….

Day 4 - Transfer to Chitawan around 6hrs.
We cross the Kathmandu valley to exit from its west end and drive down to Chitawan floating on the winding road along with Trishuli and Narayani rivers. Inhabitant of Tharu tribe, Chitawan is also a home of endangered one horned rhinoceros. It is also a passage for the migratory birds who fly in to avoid cold or hot weather, 548 species of them have been recorded so far in this region.
Photography activities : Dhulikhel: Sunrise on the Himalayan range……
Chitawan : Lifestyle of local Tharu tribe and sunset from Rapti river….

Day 5 - Chitawan
A day of different activities in the jungle Canoe, Bird watching and elephant safari.
Photography activities : Canoeing, Birds….

Day 6 - Transfer to Pokhara 6hrs
Pokhara is a small valley on the lap of the Annapurna mountain range where resides mount Annapurna 1, one of the 14 highest peaks of the world scaling over 8000 meters above sea level.
Photography activities : People from different parts of Nepal who visit the hindu temple of Talbarahi on a small island on the Fewa lake. Sunset on the Annapurna mountain range it's reflection on the surface of Fewa lake….

Day 7 - Rest day in Pokhara with an early morning excursion to Sarangkot.
Photography activities : Sunrise on the Annapurna mountain range from Sarangkot and Landscapes.

Day 8 - Transfer to Dhampus 3hrs
Dhampus, a small Gurung village near Pokhara is a fabulous place for a panoramic view of the Annapurna mountain range.
Photography activities : Lifestyle and landscapes. Sunset and sunrise on the Annapurna range.

Day 9 - Transfer to Bandipur 5hrs
Bandipur, the ancient trade centre and exchange point between the Terai and mountain is situated on a ridge with a panoramic view of Manaslu mountain range, home to mount Manaslu 8163m.
Photography activities : Lifestyle of local newer population and landscapes. Sunset on Manaslu mountain range…

Day 10 - Transfer to Bhaktapur
Being one of the three medieval cities of the Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur is best preserved and is an open museum.
Photography activities : Lifestyle, monuments, architecture….

Day 11 - Transfer to Kathmandu
Visit Pashupatinath, a place where we can witness the cremations, on the way to Kathmandu. Visit Kathmandu durbar square, the center of " hippi era" in 1970s.
Photography activities : Lifestyle, monuments, architecture….

Day 12 - Excursion to Bungamati
Morning excursion to Bungamati, a unique village newar with its wood carvers. Free day at Thamel.
Photography activities : Lifestyle……

Day 13 - Transfer to the airport for international flight.

Day 14 - Arrival