Nepal is a diverse country with an altitude difference from 70m to 8848m in a distance of only 400km as a crow flies. Home to Everest, the highest mountain peak of the world, is also the residence of 8 out of 14 highest mountain peaks of the world scaling over 8000 meters. It's a paradise for adventure travelers such as trekking…expeditions…rafting…etc. Besides, it offers a great diversity of different ethnic groups with diverse cultures.

I am very passionate of photography since more than a decade. I like my profession and cherry on the cake, which allows me to carry on with my passion. I have always been interested to meet new people and let them discover different places and share my knowledge about the life style and culture of the local people. As a guide, I have got the opportunity to see different regions of Nepal and Tibet. I wonder if I could have gone to these places if I had an another profession…

I have also been lucky to travel with some specialists of different sectors such as Buddhism, Geology…etc, with whom I got a chance to learn a lot….as we say "learning never stops"…and want to share what I have learned during my walks in the mountains. I would be wrong if I say I am a specialist and I know a lot of things but I would like to hope that one will not be deceived by a journey to Nepal or Tibet with me.